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Disengaged Employees cost companies $300 billion. Here is how to fix it.

Most companies struggle to keep employees engaged daily. Leaders struggle to understand what factors will drive their team’s performance and output to new heights. Employees wonder day-to-day if their life has a purpose in the rat race of life and if their current job is fulfilling and meaningful.

3 Things you can do today to foster trust on your team

Trust on a team usually is one of those things leaders sort of go off a gut feeling. However, it should be much more intentional than that. The latter leads to playing favorites based on having a good relationship with a team member versus actual building blocks of trust (ability, benevolence, integrity). You can start building trust with team members today by taking three simple steps...

The Agile Leader

Agile processes have made big waves in the software community and allow teams to fail fast and iterate on features quicker. What if leadership and management teams used the same methods to innovate at a rapid pace? Agile methods could allow leaders to develop organizations that produce innovative outcomes by correcting course in real-time?