Hello! I am Erick Roberts
Dynamic Tech Leader that specializes in Shepherding software companies.

I have 15 years of experience providing servant leadership to large and small software teams. I enjoy helping companies build and coach high-performing development teams to provide business units with successful projects and business outcomes. My performance expectations are high, and my network of highly sought-after software developers has always met those expectations.

I am a highly engaged transformational leader with an established track record of facilitating groups and individuals to perform at their optimum potential. I have refined my leadership strategies and gained a depth and breadth of management experience across multiple business sectors, including military technology, software development, plant production, warehouse, maintenance, inventory, automation, and project management. Together I hope we can develop a fantastic business relationship to give you the technical leadership your company needs.

Identifying gaps in organizational structure
Recruiting highly skilled staff for growth
Setting project directions and delivery
Removing workflow bottlenecks
Architecting highly scalable solutions
Developing product Roadmaps
Facilitate transition to Agile methodology
Executive presence and communication

Here is some recent feedback I received:

Erick has served as chief design architect and lead developer for a proprietary software application to help manage population-health of patients across several states. Not without obstacle and adversity, Erick produced an outstanding and robust application

What I have been up to:

High Performance Network

Launched a call center application to Identify, Track, Assess and Report on patients total health matrix

Willdan Group

Ramped up software dept. staff from 5 - 25 to support business growth. Launched three applications to support Energy and Utility consulting business


Launched app for Cannibis logistics industry


Ramped up staff from 7 - 20 to support SaaS Launch. Successfully launched 3 key software components to enable business goals